Why Should I Sell on the BUDDY Marketplace?

Why Should I Sell on the BUDDY Marketplace?

Advantages of Selling on BUDDY Marketplace

As a seller on Buddify, you enjoy the full amount of your sales revenue without any commission fees. The entire profit from your discounted sales remains yours, as Buddify is committed to supporting local brands without imposing any commission charges.

Buddify presents your brand as one of its exclusive selections, ensuring lower competition compared to more crowded platforms. This visibility increases your product impressions and, by offering discounts, you can further influence the buyer's decision-making process in your favour.

Unlike other platforms that require costly monthly subscriptions, Buddify offers cost-effective solutions designed to boost your sales and profits. For those not ready to commit financially, there's even an option to start with a free plan.

Differing from platforms that concentrate solely on product sales, Buddify emphasizes your brand, ensuring that sales translate into loyal customers and enhance brand recognition for your business.

Fair Opportunities -There's no need to stress over advertising if you're working with a limited marketing budget. In contrast to other platforms, we don't allow brands to run ads that could overshadow your products and brand. Our feed is designed to shuffle randomly every hour, ensuring every brand has an equal opportunity to showcase and sell their products.