Build partnerships with other brands on Shopify!

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Stop competing and start collaborating today!

Brands experience an approximate 29% Sales increase with BUDDIFY


Expand your product catalog

Sell new products in your online store without buying inventory. Increase your average order value and don't lose your customers to other stores.

Promote your products & attract new customers

Promote and sell your products in other US stores and gain new customers without any upfront costs.

Wholesale prices & High profit margins

Benefit from at least a 25% discount on every product and make high profits on sales.

Boost sales & Conversion rate

Increase your sales and conversion rate by cross-store selling.

Test new products at no risk

Test new product ideas without upfront costs and make better business decisions.

Build partnerships

Establish genuine partnerships with US stores and start selling together.

Expand and diversify your product offerings to boost Conversion Rate and Average Order Value

Brands experience an approximate 26% increase in Average Order Value and approximate 30% increase in Conversion Rate with BUDDIFY

Build partnerships with US brands & start selling together. Empowering small-mid businesses.

Buddify lets you start your business without inventory, build brand partnerships, and increase sales through cross-store selling. No upfront costs or physical inventory required. Promote your products without marketing costs, attract new customers, and retain loyalty. Plus, sell in bulk to other stores with the upcoming Wholesale Platform - all fully automated.

  • checkmarkBuild Brand Partnerships & Sell more together
  • checkmarkLet other US Stores sell your products and sell theirs
  • checkmarkCreate brand awareness & Acquire new customers at no additional cost
  • checkmarkExpand your product range without buying inventory & Increase your AOV
  • checkmarkUnique brands & High-quality trending products with a high profit margin


Buddy+ plan


$60/ yearor $15/ month
  • Full Access to the Buddify Platform
  • Promote & Sell your Products on other Stores
  • Import Brand Products into your Store
  • Unlimited Partnerships & Unlimited Transactions
  • No transaction fee on the Buddify Platform
  • Full Access to the upcoming Wholesale Platform
  • Automated Order Fulfillment & Advanced Reporting
  • Brand Pairing & E-Mail Support

Everything you need to know about BUDDIFY


Buddify helps Shopify stores partner with other Shopify stores in the US through cross-selling. Online Stores inside the Buddify App ("Buddies") can sell each other's products directly without requiring physical inventory or minimum order quantities, similar to a dropshipping relationship. Buddies give each other a discount of at least 25% off the retail price, as you would in a wholesale relationship.

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