Who should use Buddify?

Who should use Buddify?

Store owners seeking to increase sales by having other stores sell their products can use Buddify to expand and grow their customer base.

Brands interested in building partnerships with other businesses can use Buddify to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Store owners who want to provide a wider range of products to their customers and expand their offerings can utilize Buddify to achieve this goal.

Those interested in selling complementary products can use Buddify to offer customers a more complete experience. For example, a company that sells tennis socks can offer tennis t-shirts and shoes imported from a partner store.

Companies looking to sell contrasting products can use Buddify to offer their customers a wider variety of options. For example, a company selling swimwear can import skis or pullovers from a partner store to sell during the winter season.

Store owners who believe their audience may be interested in completely different products, but do not want to invest in inventory, can use Buddify to test these ideas.

New store owners who do not have inventory and do not want to invest in inventory or fulfill orders themselves can use Buddify to start selling thousands of partner products.

Those interested in selling their products in bulk to other stores within the Buddify wholesale platform can also use Buddify.

Stores, that want to increase their average order value and conversion rate by combining their products with those of a partner store using Buddify.