Tax and Customs Duty

Tax and Customs Duty

Can Buddify provide advice on tax and import laws for different countries?

Due to the legality and complexity of tax and import laws varying between countries, Buddify cannot provide advice on this topic. We suggest consulting with a lawyer or accountant in your country with knowledge of e-commerce to ensure you are complying with the relevant rules and regulations.

Does Buddify handle customs duty within the platform?

No, Buddify does not handle customs duty within its platform. The suppliers' product pricing does not include custom duty and taxes, as this depends on the location where the end-customer is buying from.

Do suppliers take care of taxes and custom duties when shipping within a country?

While most of our suppliers take care of the taxes and custom duties themselves when shipping within a country, sales taxes may be applicable. This varies from supplier to supplier, as the charges levied on purchases depend on their location.

Even if the Supplier has provided all the required information in their shipping profile on Shopify and Buddify's created checkout shows the estimated customs duty, tax, and international shipping costs for a product, it's important to note that these costs may vary based on packaging, weight, or the quantity of purchased items. To prevent any misunderstandings, we highly recommend reaching out to the Supplier Brand directly. For more information, we encourage you to visit each respective country's Border Institutions to learn more about the custom duty regulations in each country.

Buddify does not bear any responsibility for discrepancies or issues related to these costs.