Pricing and Refunds

Pricing and Refunds

Here you can find our Pricing.

Refunds are not offered for any plans. This policy applies to all plans, including those offered at discounted prices or through promotional offers. If you need to take a break from your subscription, you can request to have it frozen, and resume where you left off when you're ready.

We are committed to working with our store owners for at least a year to help them maximize the benefits of our app and increase their sales.

If you are eligible for a refund due to a specific reason, please be aware that Shopify combines app charges with your regular Shopify invoice. Consequently, we can only issue a refund once we receive payment from Shopify. You can ask for a refund by simply writing us an email.

Is it possible to perform an app charge reversal?

Given that Buddify operates as a native Shopify app and utilizes Shopify Payments, we do not possess the capability to carry out an app charge reversal. Our ability is limited to initiating a refund once the payment is made from your end and successfully received by us.

When to expect a refund?

The timing of your monthly invoice issuance and payment on Shopify is not visible to us. You can verify these details in your Dashboard. Once your invoice is generated and the payment is collected by Shopify, we gain the ability to initiate a direct refund through Shopify.To provide an example, if you make your monthly payment on the 15th of each month for your Shopify Invoice, we will be able to detect this information on our end by the 15th and proceed with the refund promptly. Consequently, you can anticipate observing the refund in approximately 3-4 business days following that date.