Orders & Shipping Explained

Orders & Shipping Explained

This tutorial explains what to do when you sell a product from your partner brand on Buddify or when a partner brand sells your product.

Please ensure that you print out the Buddify Packing Slip and include it inside the package before shipping the product to the customer.

When a customer places an order for a partner brand product, you will receive the order notification on both your Shopify Dashboard and in the Buddify app under the "Orders" section, categorized as an "Outgoing Order."

To proceed with the order, just click on the "Go to Checkout" button. The customer's shipping address will be available for you to add with a simple click.

The discount provided by the supplier will be applied automatically, and the customer's address and email will be filled in automatically if you've selected this option.

Once you have completed the payment and purchased the product from the supplier brand, they will receive the order details on their Shopify Dashboard and in the Buddify app under "Orders," categorized as an "Incoming Order."

The supplier brand will fulfill the order as usual, ensuring the product is shipped to the customer. Throughout the process, both you and the supplier brand will have access to the shipment tracking details. Additionally, the customer will receive shipment tracking information via email, allowing them to track their order.