How does Buddify work?

How does Buddify work?

Using Buddify is simple and easy.

Buddify works by allowing you to import and sell other stores products in your store, and also by giving other stores access to sell your products in their online store.

You choose products from other stores that you want to sell in your store.

Each supplier gives at least a 25% discount on their products on the Buddify platform. You can sell these products in your store at a price that suits you and vice versa.

So, once you sell an imported product, you buy the same product from the supplier at a discounted price. The supplier then ships the product to the end customer.

When a Retailer Brand / Buddy sells your products in their online stores, the process remains the same. They will visit your online store using the specific link provided by Buddify and make a purchase of the product. Customer information will sync automatically, the discount code will apply automatically, and it will be your responsibility to directly ship the product to the customer.

It is important to consider this as a regular sale taking place directly from your online store. The way you would normally handle this process is the same process that applies at Buddify. The Buddy, in this scenario, serves as a middleman who sells your products on your behalf and earns a commission/profit from the sale.


You can import a product from a supplier store and sell it on your online store for a higher or lower price. It's up to you. Let's say the retail price of the product is $100, and the supplier store charges a $5 shipping fee. This store must give you at least 25% off. This means after you sell this store's product on your online store, you will have to pay the supplier store $75 + $5 = $80. You can sell it on your online store for $100 and offer free shipping to attract more customers. Even in this scenario, you would make $20 profit.

You can supply your products, and hundreds of stores could import and sell your products on their online store. If your retail price is $100, they will pay you $70 for purchasing your product once they sell it to their customers. If you have a product cost of $40, you would make $30 profit.