Can I choose my "Partners"?

Can I choose my "Partners"?

Partnerships are formed in three ways: when another brand imports your products, when you import their products, or when both brands engage in product imports.

Mutual Partners & Suppliers: These are the brands from which you have sourced products. Not all of them, but some might have also sourced products from you. When both brands import each other's products, they become mutual partners. However, if you are the only brand that supplied products from another brand, that brand will be considered your supplier.

Retailers: These are the retailer brands that have imported your products and are selling them on your behalf. You have not imported any products from these brands; otherwise, they would be shown as mutual partners.

If there are specific brands or retailers that you do not want to import and sell your products on their online stores, you can simply send us an email, and we will disable this function for those particular brands.

However, becoming partners with a brand that has imported your products does not obligate you to import their products in return. You are free to choose and import products from any brand that you believe aligns better with your business.