Buddify Packing Slip

Buddify Packing Slip

Buddify generates an individualized Packing Slip for every order that is to be shipped. It's crucial that you print out this specific Buddify Packing Slip and place it inside the package before sending the product to the customer.

Where to locate the Buddify Packing Slip?

You can find the Buddify Packing Slip on both your Shopify dashboard and the Buddify Orders Page.

What does the Buddify Packing Slip look like, and why is it essential to utilize it?

Given the nature of Buddify, the Supplier is tasked with shipping the product directly to the end customer, while the Retailer Brand purchases this product from the Supplier Brand. To guarantee consistency in the information displayed on both the Shipping and Billing Address for the customer, Buddify generates a distinct packing slip for each order.