How To Upsell & Cross-Sell On Shopify: Best Apps To Try

How To Upsell & Cross-Sell On Shopify: Best Apps To Try

January 31, 2024 /

In today's e-commerce landscape, optimizing your store's revenue potential is a necessity. Smart entrepreneurs turn to upsell and cross-sell strategies to boost their average order value and customer lifetime value. These techniques aren't just trends in the Shopify world; they're cornerstones for growth. Every click presents an opportunity, and with the right Shopify upsell app or Shopify cross-sell solution, you can transform shoppers into loyal customers.

In this blog post, we'll refresh your knowledge on upselling and cross-selling, provide tips to implement these strategies and introduce you to the best Shopify apps that are changing the game. Get ready to revolutionize your sales strategy and watch your sales soar.

What is Upselling?

Upselling is a well-known sales technique where a seller encourages a customer to buy a more expensive or premium version of the product they are considering. This strategy involves emphasizing the extra features and benefits of the higher-priced option and helps to increase the overall value of the purchase.

Now that you know what upselling is, let's shift our focus to the upselling benefits for your business and your customers.

Upselling Benefits

Upselling on your Shopify store has many benefits. The most direct advantage is increased average order value: suggesting premium products encourages customers to spend more per transaction. Upselling also enhances customer satisfaction by recommending shoppers products that may better fulfill their needs. This can also increase their loyalty and perception of your brand's value. Moreover, upselling can improve inventory management by prompting the sale of higher-margin items, which can contribute to a healthier turnover rate. Lastly, providing tailored recommendations that make the shopping experience feel personal and considerate can promote greater customer engagement.

With the right techniques and Shopify upsell apps, entrepreneurs can not only boost their revenue but also cultivate a more loyal and satisfied customer base.

How To Upsell On Shopify?

Learning how to upsell on Shopify can seem daunting, but using the right tactics and Shopify Upsell apps can make a substantial difference in your store's bottom line. In the next section, we will cover the proven upselling techniques that have driven our success in the digital marketplace.

Free Shipping on Minimum Order Values

Let's start with a time-tested upsell technique for Shopify: free shipping on minimum order values. It encourages customers to spend more to hit the free delivery threshold. This enticing promotion encourages customers to add additional items to their cart to qualify for the incentive and usually leads to an increased average order value. But it doesn't do just that: it also simplifies the buyer's decision-making process. Shipping costs can be the main barrier to closing a sale and offering free shipping is the best way to jump over it.

Best Shopify Upsell App For Free Shipping: Essential Free Shipping Upsell

The Essential Free Shipping Upsell app allows you to set a minimum order value for free shipping and display an upsell message on the cart page if the customer hasn't met the threshold. This encourages customers to add more items to their cart and creates a sense of urgency as they see how much more they need to spend to get their products shipped for free.

Highlighting Higher Tier Products

Another straightforward Shopify upsell technique to boost your AOV is showcasing higher-tier products. Strategically placing premium products alongside standard ones enables customers to easily compare the benefits of upgrading. Seeing more benefits can then persuade them to consider a slightly higher investment for greater overall satisfaction with their purchase.

Best Shopify Upsell App For Highlighting Higher Tier Products: Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell

Candy Rack is a versatile upsell app that allows you to display higher-tier products, collections, and discounts in an attractive pop-up window before the customer checks out. With Candy Rock, you can upsell by showcasing higher-tier products or cross-sell complementary items that enhance the original purchase. With its sleek design and customizable options, this app makes it easy for customers to see the benefits of upgrading and encourages them to make a larger purchase.

Limited Time Offers For Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is probably one of the easiest ways to upsell. Limited-time offers that highlight the exclusivity and urgency of your upsell can result in immediate purchases. There are many ways to showcase limited-time offers, such as countdown timers, flash sales, or limited stock alerts. Increased urgency can help create a FOMO effect, encouraging your customers to take advantage of the offer before it's too late.

Best Shopify Upsell App To Promote Limited-Time Offers: Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar

Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar app allows you to add countdown timers to your product pages, cart page, and checkout page. It also offers advanced geo location, device and customer targeting, making sure you’ll definitely reach your customer.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a well-known strategy to drive repeat sales and build a loyal customer base. Offering rewards for additional purchases helps incentivize your customers to spend more. But there's more: personal rewards also make them feel valued and appreciated. This builds a stronger relationship with your brand, leading to higher customer retention and increased lifetime value.

Best Shopify Upsell App For Loyalty Programs: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards app is a versatile and user-friendly loyalty program solution for Shopify stores. It allows you to reward customers for purchases, referrals, social media follows, and more. You can also customize the rewards and redemption options, making them tailored to your brand.

What is Cross-Selling?

Cross-selling is a sales technique often used to encourage customers to purchase additional products, related to those they are already buying. Cross-selling works by offering complementary items that enhance the use of the main product or simply providing options that the customer may have missed. For instance, you can suggest a protective case and screen protector when your customer buys a smartphone, or recommend a matching belt when they're buying a pair of trousers. Cross-selling offers several benefits, as detailed in the next section.

Cross-Selling Benefits

Cross-selling has many benefits for both you and your customers. The main advantage of cross-selling is the increased basket size. Promoting and selling more complementary products naturally boosts sales. Furthermore, it enhances customer satisfaction by curating a thoughtful and complete shopping experience. Making your customers feel like they can find everything they need in one place often leads to a stronger customer relationship and improved loyalty. Additionally, cross-selling allows stores to introduce customers to products they might otherwise have missed and unlock new needs and desires.

Now that you're familiar with the cross-selling benefits, let's explore the most effective strategies to cross-sell on Shopify.

How To Cross-Sell On Shopify?

There are many ways to enter the Shopify cross-selling game. We understand that learning how to cross-sell on Shopify and finding the best tools for it can seem hard. In this part, we'll share our proven methods, which we've tested in e-commerce.

Product Bundling

Product bundling refers to offering a bundle of complementary products at a discounted price. This approach is particularly beneficial for items that are often purchased together or have a natural correlation, such as shampoo and conditioner, cheese and crackers, or shirts and ties. Strategic product bundles can tempt your customers to purchase the full package instead of individual products. What does it mean to you? Higher average order value and increased revenue.

Best Shopify app for Product Bundling: Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder empowers you to create customizable product bundles with ease, offering options for fixed or percentage discounts and flexible bundle configurations. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Shopify, Bundle Builder is a must-try app for boosting your cross-selling efforts.

Announcement Bars

Announcement bars are effective tools for drawing attention to your Shopify cross-selling offers. You can place announcement bars anywhere on your website and send your customers a targeted message, encouraging them to explore additional products before checking out. Announcement bars have proven to be highly successful in both catching the eye of potential buyers and increasing average order value.

Best Shopify Announcement App: Essential Shopify Announcement Bar

The Essential Announcement Bar app is here to assist you in creating highly customizable announcement bars. With this app, you can incorporate emojis, countdown timers, and custom backgrounds to make your announcement stand out.

Cross Sell Popups

Cross-sell popups are another effective way to encourage customers to purchase complementary products. These popups can appear at various stages of the customer journey, such as when a customer adds an item to their cart or during checkout. Strategic Shopify cross-sell popup placement can help you increase the chances of cross-selling and boost your sales.

Best Shopify app for Cross Sell Popups: LimeSpot Personalizer

LimeSpot Personalizer is a powerful cross-selling app that uses AI to personalize upselling and cross-selling recommendations for each customer. It analyzes customer behavior and purchase history to display targeted products in popups, increasing the chances of conversion.

Cartpage Cross-selling

Some would say that the cart page is the most important part of the customer journey. It's the last checkpoint before customers make their final decision. By strategically cross-selling related products on the cart page, you can entice customers to consider complementary items. This not only increases your AOV but also enhances your customers' shopping experience.

Best Shopify App For Checkout Cross-Selling: In-Cart Upsell & Cross‑Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell is a top-rated app that helps you transform the cart page into a cross-selling opportunity. It allows you to display related products, frequently bought together items, and even personalized upsells based on customer behavior and purchase history.

Post-Purchase Emails

Who says that cross-selling should end when a customer checks out? Post-purchase emails are an effective way to encourage them to make additional purchases. You can include cross-selling recommendations in the post-purchase emails, remind customers of related products they may have missed, or introduce new products that complement their previous purchase.

Best Shopify App For Post-purchase Emails: Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS is a popular email and SMS marketing app that offers advanced Shopify cross-selling capabilities. With its powerful segmentation and automation features, you can easily target specific customers with personalized cross-sell recommendations in post-purchase emails.

Cross-Selling Partnerships

Forging partnerships with other Shopify stores can be a mutually beneficial cross-selling strategy, especially if you don't have additional products to offer. By collaborating with partner businesses, you can cross-sell their complementary items for a fee, thus broadening your product assortment and providing more value to customers. Similarly, successful partnerships entail that your products are also being featured for cross-sell in your partners' stores. This reciprocal arrangement can lead to increased exposure, customer satisfaction, and sales for both parties involved.

Best App for Partnership Cross-Selling: Buddify

Buddify is an innovative Shopify app that unlocks cross-selling potential. It enables Shopify merchants to seamlessly integrate complementary products from partnered stores by creating shared collections. Customers can browse and shop from curated selections that enhance their initial purchase, improving the shopping experience.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

At their core, upselling and cross-selling may seem like different sales strategies. Upselling encourages customers to consider a more expensive version of their selected item, while cross-selling suggests buying complementary products. Yet, in the dynamic Shopify environment, these techniques are complementary forces. Implementing both of them is a powerful way to boost your sales. Upselling elevates the quality and satisfaction of the customer's experience, while cross-selling provides items that enrich their main purchase. These strategies interact to create a holistic approach that maximizes the value delivered to the customer and the profitability of your store.


Using the right upselling and cross-selling strategies can significantly boost your revenue. Not only do these techniques enhance the customer shopping experience by providing value-added suggestions, but they also increase the average order value and foster customer loyalty. Applied together, upselling and cross-selling can turn into a killer sales approach and bring remarkable success to your Shopify store.

With the best Shopify upsell and cross-sell apps at your disposal, you can use these tactics in your online store with ease. Remember, the key is to always offer relevant and helpful product suggestions that truly bring additional benefits to your customers.

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